Draw Poker Games

Draw Poker Games

We all know how to play Five Card Draw. This is one of the first card games most people come across in their lives. Maybe you bear it as a childhood memory when the whole family gathered around the dining table to play a game or two.

Whatever the case is, Five Card Draw is one of the best-known draw poker versions, but it is also a basic one. If you love draw poker and you’re willing to explore the selection of these poker games, we offer you a short list of the draw poker games that will entertain you.

Different Draw Poker Versions

Before we present you with our selection of the most exciting and fun-to-play games, we have to make a distinction between them. You can opt for lowball draw poker or choose one of the “home games” to play with your friends.

Lowball Poker Games

These poker versions have a totally opposite hand ranking than regular poker. Thus the “low” in the game. If you are going to try out some of these games, bear in mind that you should aim for the “weakest” hand because here, the tables are turned.

So I suppose you all are familiar with how the standard ranking goes in a poker game. Now, just turn it upside down, and you will get the rankings that stand for lowball games. In this case, you would always hope for an otherwise “modest” high card, and you will hope that it is a small-numbered card like 5, for example. A high card is stronger than a pair, while a pair beats two pairs, and so on.

Straights and flushes won’t do you any good in this game, and the winning combination you would be exhilarated to hold is the so-called Ace-to-five. This combination consists of 5 to A cards set in a row. The second-best paying hand is Deuce-to-seven.

California Lowball

This game was popular among players at public poker tables in the Californian town of Gardena. While numerous players still enjoy playing this game, it is not as popular as it was in the 70s because stud games and the community cards games like Texas Hold’em have appeared in the meantime.

The highest hand here is Ace-to-five, and there is also a joker in the deck. Players usually start California Lowball game with a small blind and a big blind bet.

Kansas City Lowball

Draw Poker Games

This game is also geographically defined, and the high hand here is Deuce-to-seven. The joker isn’t a part of the deck here. It was so popular that numerous poker tournaments featuring this five card draw poker game took place in the past. Many people refer to this Lowball poker as “Billy Baxter,” after a poker player who ruled these tournaments.

Double Draw and Triple Draw Lowball

This is an improvement of classic draw games that includes several additional drawing rounds that are naturally followed by a few additional betting rounds. This has added considerable intensity and edge to the game. For this reason, it gained popularity among professional poker players that included it in reputable poker tournaments.

There are numerous other variations of lowball poker games; the only thing left for you to do is choose the one that suits you best.

Before we move on to giving you a list of the most exciting home games, we have to go back to Gardena for a while.

Gardena Jackpots or Jacks to Open

This game was among the favorites at Gardena public poker tables. As you may have concluded, you will need at least a pair of Jacks to stay in the game. Players who don’t fulfill this condition have to fold, so if it happens that no one at the table can open the game, the hand is dealt again, and the players have to pay another ante bet.

If someone starts the game, then they should keep the unwanted cards that they traded for new ones close, to be able to prove they had at least a pair of Jacks when the game started. But the conditions don’t end here.

Players have to hold at least a three of a kind to win the game. If this doesn’t happen, another five cards are dealt to each player, while the pot moves to a new round and increases as the game goes on. The possibility of huge winnings because of the increasing pot attracted many poker players to try out this draw poker game.

Different Types of Home Games

As the name itself says, this form of draw games is perfect for a fun play with family and friends. This is a small selection of the most interesting ones.


This is a favorite game that resembles a stud poker game because of the way a game unfolds.

The first phases of the game are the same as in any other draw game. The real exciting part follows the draw round when, instead of the second betting round and a reveal, players arrange their cards face down on the table. Then they turn up one card at the time with betting rounds in between. The round where players reveal the last card in the row is the showdown where the winner takes the pot.


This game is a bit complicated to explain but highly entertaining to play. Here, seven cards are dealt instead of the regular five, and every player takes a close look at their cards, takes three, and leaves them aside for the player to the left to pick.

In this way, every player gets their neighbor’s cards, and this repeats two more times with betting in between. Every player who stayed in the game should hold seven cards in their hands like at the beginning of the game. In the end, players show their cards and the best high hand wins the pot.

I hope that this list contains enough information about different draw games. If this is the case, don’t waste your time, and try some of them next time you gather your family or friends.

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